After Hair Transplant Hair Repair Set 6 Month

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After Hair Transplant Hair Repair Set 6 Month's ( 6 Shampoo + 6 Serum + 6 Tablet )

After hair transplant hair repair set 6 months contains six shampoo which you use every month. And six serums, every month in same day, you need to use it for stronger follicles. Also there are six tablets for each months. Tablet will repair and gives strong for hair from inside.

Hairline Renewal

Physiological renewal and stressful hair loss begin around the fourth week after surgery. This process does not affect the transplanted follicles, that is, the hair roots do not fall out, and you should not be scared. Specialists also call this process “brittle hair”, when the hairs gradually replace each other. The duration and intensity of the update process depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the characteristics of the patient’s scalp. The determining factor is also the so-called "individual period of hair life." 

The Development of New Hair

The growth of new hair developing from transplanted follicular compounds begins after a “rest period”, that is, at 3-6 weeks of the postoperative period. Hair grows the same way as before it was implanted in a new zone. The progression of this process after engraftment of the grafts occurs naturally. Complete replacement and development of all hair from transplanted follicles is observed approximately 8-10 months after transplantation.

So, you need to use long term after hair transplant hair repair set 6 month's (6 shampoo + 6 serum + 6 tablet).

Your new hair will be strong, follicles will stay under skin. After hair transplant hair repair set will protect your head from inside to out. Six months enough for care after hair transplant. This set will be enough for you. After 3 months you can use less shampoo, so shampoo will be full maybe after six months, but don’t forget to use monthly serum and tablets.